Plasan is an international company providing customized, lightweight survivability solutions for tactical combat vehicles, fixed- and rotary-winged aircraft, naval platforms, civilian armor vehicles, and personal protection. Plasan's state-of-the-art survivability suites offer a unique optimization between protection, payload and cost by combining in-house R&D, design, prototyping, and manufacturing capabilities. The products endure the trials of combat, saving the lives of countless troops.

Plasan translates their "front line" feedback into improved designs and better survivability products. Plasan’s engineers are unique in terms of their military backgrounds and hands-on experience. They bring to the product design process unique insights to soldiers' needs in combat, which are then translated into hundreds of design decisions. Some of them are even users of Plasan's products. Through the military background of many key Plasan personnel, they share a common language with customers and the war fighter, resulting in close and invaluable relationships.